Historic, bespoke and original wallpapers

Our reproduction Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian wallpapers decorate historic homes, elegant restorations of treasured buildings and period film, TV and theatre sets.

Working with innovative craftspeople enables us to offer an exceptional range of wallpapers for distinctive unusual and contemporary interiors.

March in to Spring

This colourful series takes its inspiration from historical textiles and embroideries, with a focus on the nature and landscapes of England, its traditions and folklore.

Discover ‘Arcadia’ by Alice Pattullo exclusively at Hamilton Weston Wallpapers. 


Wild for florals

An enchanting collection of botanical wallpapers by Flora Roberts celebrating the magic of the seasons


Historic reproductions & bespoke service

From fragile and faded fragments uncovered in hidden corners of old buildings emerge intriguing, unusual and often surprisingly contemporary wallpapers. Each design in our core Hamilton Weston collection is painstakingly redrawn and recoloured for hand or digital printing. 

Donate and decorate

Hamilton Weston have teamed up with Haines Collection to launch a special sale to support ongoing relief that is still so desperately needed in Turkey and Syria following the devastating earthquakes. 

This is a rare opportunity to purchase selected wallpapers at a discount whilst raising funds to reach more people on the ground via the Disasters Emergency Committee member charities.

15% of each sale will be donated by Hamilton Weston Wallpapers to the @disasteremergencycommitte Turkey-Syria Earthquake Appeal, providing urgent medical aid, shelter and food.