Historic Collections

Collected, recreated and curated over many years, our rich archive of original designs provides the basis of three collections.

These historic wallpaper reproductions are selected from our archive with many offered in their original colouring. Representing a combination of best selling designs and the addition of seasonal colour trends.

This collection brings together a selection of our most popular historic designs; they have been meticulously recreated from original documents across the Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian periods.

The eclectic Old Paradise collection includes wallpapers originating from the early 18th century. Many of these papers have been part of our collection since Hamilton Weston Wallpapers Ltd. was founded in the 1980s.

This capsule collection is comprised of wallpapers reproduced from fragments found at the Jane Austen House Museum in Chawton, Hampshire. We are delighted to support the Museum in recapturing the atmosphere of the home of one of our most celebrated writers.

The Georgian John Rocque map of 1746 and Stanford’s Victorian London Map are reproduced in their traditional colours and a choice of contemporary colours.

A selection of historic wallpapers inspired by nature, curated from our wallpaper archive and re-coloured to suit a range of projects.

Smaller scale patterns, available in a range of colours which partner perfectly with a selection of our larger designs.

A collection of historic stripes reproduced from fragments found around the world, from London Townhouses to a Chateau in Northern France.

Unique and elegant trellis designs, featuring the trellis found in the fishing lodge of English painter JMW Turner.

Timeless damask wallpapers dating back to the Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian eras.