Paradise Archive

Paradise Archive brings a selection of our most popular historic designs together, meticulously recreated from original documents and fragments from the Georgian, Edwardian and Victorian periods.



c. 1825

Archway House

c. 1800

Bloomsbury Square

c. 1810

Carlyle Damask


Charlecote Strapwork

c. 1832

Covent Garden Floral

c. 1830


c. 1780

Edinburgh Damask

c. 1700

Edwardian Damask

c. 1901

French Stripe

c. 1850


c. 1760

Frognal Rosette

c. 1760

Frognal Trellis

c. 1760

Fynedon Gothick

c. 1790

Georgian London Map (Rocque)

c. 1746

Imperial Bee

JAHM Apprentice Ribbon Trellis

c. 1805

JAHM Chawton Leaf

c. 1805

JAHM Chawton Rosebud Moire

c. 1805

JAHM Chawton Vine

c. 1805


c. 1830

Jasmine Floral

c. 1830

Kingston Market

c. 1820


c. 1890

River’s Street

c. 1760

Royal Crescent

c. 1775

Sandycombe Lodge

c. 1813


c. 1755

Uppark Leaf

c. 1860

Victorian London Map (Stanford)

c. 1862